2021 Update

The blueberry season has sadly ended for this year. We look forward to seeing you in 2022!

  • Schedule your 30-minute arrival window. To keep our neighbors happy, we staggered arrival times to 30 minute windows. Once you have arrived, you are welcome to have a picnic or stay on the property until we close at 2.
  • Your reservation is for one car. If you would like to bring a large party with multiple cars, please make additional reservations based on the amount of vehicles you would like to bring.
  • We are open on select weekend days, and scheduling opens each Wednesday. To keep availability open for as many as possible, bookings open up on the Wednesday before the event.
  • If no date or time is available on the calendar, we are fully booked for the week. We open the schedule on Wednesdays for the following Saturday, so check next Wednesday if we are fully booked.
  • Parking fee is $5 per vehicle and we collect at the gate. We highly prefer cash or check (made out to Duckworth Farms), all other items can be paid by card.
  • We love dogs, but for the safety of all animals please do not bring them on your visit (including leaving in the car). We have working dogs and livestock on the property.
  • Pack out what you pack in. This is an organic farm and we are set up only for compostables, so please don't leave anything behind.
A huge SHOUTOUT to all our Blueberry Fans! Mother Nature gave us seven wonderful weeks to share our blueberries with you this year and we're sad to see it end. Thank you from Lorri, Oscar, Sherri Dawn, and Snazzy! We enjoyed seeing you, your family and your friends out at the farm and look forward to seeing you in 2022!

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Are your fruits and vegetables organic?

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